CFO Evolution

The CFO Evolution programme will commence delivery on 1 August 2024. For current CFO delivery please contact your CFO Activity Hub providers or CFO3 providers.
The CFO Evolution programme will build on the CFO3 and CFO Activity Hubs successes and the CFO’s work over the last two decades with hard-to-reach offenders. The CFO Evolution programme will be delivered in 90+ custody sites and over 25 community sites.

A recent Justice Data Lab report found that CFO are proven to deliver a reduction of 8 percentage points in re-offending from 33% to 25% CFO cohort compared to the control group.

Participants currently engaging with CFO3 and CFO Activity Hubs will be supported to enrol onto the CFO Evolution programme with their current provider. Both CFO3 and CFO Activity Hubs continue to deliver to in both custody and the community during the mobilisation phase.

About the CFO Evolution Programme

The overall focus of HMPPS Creating Future Opportunities is to help offenders move towards mainstream provision or activity which reinforces the value of leading law-abiding lives, such as entering employment, education, training and interacting positively with their family and local community. This is achieved through facilitating access to comprehensive support mechanisms appropriate to their individual circumstance and assessed need, and as such is a key delivery vehicle for MoJ Strategic Outcome 2: Reduce Reoffending. CFO Evolution is not a standalone programme. It is designed to complement and support core HMPPS provision, increasing value for money from other projects and better preparing those socially excluded to make a positive contribution to society.

The CFO Evolution programme has four aims:

Aim 1: To provide a demonstrable sense of purpose for specific cohorts of offenders with complex needs by presenting them with clearly defined progression routes spanning both the custodial and community components of their total sentence.

Aim 2: To provide safe spaces where offenders can, and importantly are keen to, engage in a range of positive activities designed to foster community buy-in, increase wellbeing and develop the skills required to navigate through the array of issues that present barriers to successful community reintegration,

Aim 3: To increase effective engagement with mainstream or core services for those groups traditionally excluded,

Aim 4: To encourage participation in activities to assist individuals to lead law abiding lives.

CFO Evolution Providers

RegionCurrent ProviderNew Provider
North WestCFO3 – Achieve & CFOAH – Seetec  CFO Evolution: Achieve  
North EastCFO3 – Ingeus & CFOAH – Ingeus  CFO Evolution: Ingeus    
Yorkshire & Humber    CFO3 – Ingeus & CFOAH – The Growth Company  CFO Evolution: The Growth Company    
West MidlandsCFO3 – Ixion & CFOAH – Shaw Trust  CFO Evolution: Ingeus    
East MidlandsCFO3 – Ingeus & CFOAH – Shaw Trust  CFO Evolution: Ingeus    
East of EnglandCFO3 – Shaw Trust & CFOAH – Shaw Trust  CFO Evolution: Shaw Trust    
South WestCFO3 – Shaw Trust & CFOAH – Seetec  CFO Evolution: Seetec
South East / Kent Surrey SussexCFO3 – Ixion & CFOAH – Seetec  CFO Evolution: Shaw Trust  
LondonCFO3 – Shaw Trust & CFOAH – Reed in Partnership  CFO Evolution: Reed in Partnership   

Stakeholder engagement

If you are a stakeholder and have not received your briefing pack please email and one will be sent out to you. If you would like to sign up for email updates during the mobilisation phase; please complete your details on this form.


For any questions specifically relating to the CFO Evolution programme, please email

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