Cookie Policy

HMPPS CFO website stores small files, a.k.a ‘cookies’, onto your computer to collect information about how users browse the site.

We use cookies to:

  • Measure how you use the website so it can be updated and improved based on your needs
  • Remember the notifications you’ve seen so that we don’t show them to you again

CFO cookies are not used to identify you personally.

Unless you’ve seen it before, you’ll see a message on the site before we store a cookie on your computer.

Find out more about how to manage cookies here.

Measuring Website Usage (Google Analytics)

We use Google Analytics software to collect information about how you use our website

We measure:

  • The pages you visit on our website
  • How long you spend on each of our pages
  • How you got to the site
  • What you click on while you’re visiting the site

We don’t collect or store your personal information (for example your name or address) so this information can’t be used to identify who you are.

Google Analytics sets the following cookies:

_gaThis helps us count how many people visit GOV.UK by tracking if you’ve visited before2 years
_gidThis helps us count how many people visit GOV.UK by tracking if you’ve visited before24 hours
_gatUsed to manage the rate at which page view requests are made10 minutes

Securing and Protecting our Website (CloudFlare)

We use CloudFlare to protect our website and users from various malicious techniques.

__cfduidThis helps CloudFlare apply security settings on a per-client basis5 years

Our Introductory Message

You may see a pop-up welcome message when you first visit. We’ll store a cookie so that your computer knows you’ve seen it and knows not to show it again.

cookieconsent_statusThis lets us know if you’ve seen our cookie message1 month
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